We are a professional organization committed to growing and enriching the standards in the field of Six Sigma and Lean. MACOBIE is an independent certification body that does not provide training or consulting services, but only facilitates globally valid and accepted Six Sigma and Lean Certification Exams.

MACOBIE follows a strict code of ethics,global standards and guidelines as mentioned in ISO 17024. MACOBIE Certifications validates an unbiased third party evaluation of individual knowledge on the contents given in our globally valid Body of Knowledge.

MACOBIE is an UASL UK Certified institute. United Ackreditering Services Limited (UASL) is an independent accreditation body established to operate accreditation structure and promote quality, established in UK to provide accreditation to deliver on four goals relating to Integrity and Confidence, Trade Support, Linkages, and International Acceptance. UASL aims at promoting quality by enabling manufacturers and suppliers of goods/ services to apply quality standards and tools and simultaneously empowering consumers to demand quality goods/services. The promotion of quality encompasses all segments including manufacturing, health, education and public services.

UASL Mission is to provide credible standardization and accreditation services to enhance economic, societal and environmental well-being.

MACOBIE is based in Mumbai, India and we are available on demand across the globe.

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